"Transenergo service"
construction of buildings and constructions I and II levels of responsibility
power supply of consumers with different capacity
Electrotechnical laboratory
and a fleet of specialized construction equipment
The company has a production base
Our priority is the professionalism and quality of work.

About Company

‘Transenergo-service’, a limited liability company, was established with the purpose to effectively manage and consolidate the administrative and qualified personnel for constructing the buildings of the first and second levels of responsibility, as well as for providing the works directly related to different voltage power supply to the customers. 

The Company combines six divisions, namely:

  • Nets and substations department 
  • Electrical machines repair department
  • Department of telephony and radio equipment
  • Department of connecting gear repair
  • Certified electrical laboratory
  • Road-building machinery lease division

The company owns production base and specialized construction equipment fleet. Availability of construction equipment and implementation of advanced technologies allows round-the-clock work both in summer and winter.

In our work we combine such qualities as 

  • strict compliance with contract terms, 
  • efficiency of work 
  • impeccable quality of work.

The above business qualities allow our partners to consider the company as a reliable strategic partner in the sphere of both electrical/mounting and civil works.

Our priorities are professionalism and high quality work.